Japan. Day 11: Himeji castle & Osaka

Eleventh day of our trip to Japan in spring 2015, my husband and I went to a visit Himeji and Osaka. Early in the morning we left our hotel in Kyoto and boarded the fast shikansen train to Himeji.

Himeji Castle

The reason we traveled to Himeji was the castle Himeji-jo – one of twelve original Japanese castles that hasn’t been damaged or destroyed in the wars or in natural disasters. It is actually pretty remarkable that the castle is still standing. During World War II the Himeji town was completely destroyed by the allies, but the castle remained intact. Luckily the bomb that landed on the roof failed to detonate. As it is still in its original shape and because is considered to be the finest example of the classic Japanese feudal period architecture it has been inscribed to UNESCO World Heritage list. Continue reading

Blast from the Past: Bosa, Sardinia

While I’m packing and preparing for my trip to Seychelles, I’m remembering my past travels in yet another post from the Blast from the Past series. This time I would like to take you back to warmer days of June 2013 when I travelled to beautiful Sardinia in Italy. My husband and I spent our holidays touring the island, enjoying its beautiful beaches and exploring lovely towns and villages. This particular set of photos was taken in Bosa – one of most picturesque, but also most quiet and boring towns we’ve visited in Sardinia.

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Iceland. Day 5: Relaxing at Blue Lagoon

When you’re having a good time, time flies and too soon, our trip to Iceland has come to an end. On our last day in Iceland my husband and I headed to the no. 1 attraction in Iceland – the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. Located in a lava field, about 50 kilometres from Reykjavík is unlike some other thermal waters found in Iceland manmade. It was formed by “accident” in 1976 when run-off from the nearby geothermal power plant formed a pool. In the years that followed, the benefits of the bright blue water to the skin were discovered and spa was built on site. Blue Lagoon soon became a popular spot to visit.

Blue Lagoon

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Iceland. Day 4: The Golden Circle

On our fourth day in Iceland, my husband and I took a tour almost every tourist in Iceland does – the Golden Circle, a circle route comprising Iceland’s natural wonders: Þingvellir National ParkGeysir & Gulfoss waterfall. As those three sights were not enough for us, we’ve added Kerið Crater and Brúarfoss waterfall as additional stops on our tour.

Gulfoss waterfall

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Meggenhorn Castle

Meggenhorn Castle is a lovely 17th century castle located on the peninsula of Meggen on the northern shore of the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne). It is one of my favourite places in Luzern area. The estate has been open for public since 1974 and has no entrance fee. It’s scenic and peaceful spot, popular with the locals, but not yet discovered by the masses of tourists.

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Counting the Days till trip to Seychelles


From 27th November to 10th December 2016

  • Stunning beaches
  • Underwater world
  • Unique nature

Main reason for our trip to Seychelles is fulfilment of my wish to celebrate my birthday a bit different than usual. I wished to step into new decade of my life while enjoying the warmth of the sun, relaxing at the beach, under the palm tree, dressed only in bikini. That kind of birthday celebration that is impossible in Europe in December, but is possible in the islands of the Indian Ocean. When my husband and I found affordable plane tickets to Seychelles, we didn’t hesitate much before we booked the flight and started to plan our trip.

In order to make my birthday trip even more memorable, I would like to ask YOU my dear readers for some assistance. What are your favourite places in Seychelles? What attractions are must see? What beaches are the best? What restaurants serve the best food?  Any tip would be highly appreciated!

Football fever in Lyon

In July, when UEFA Euro 2016 in France was in full swing, my husband, who is a big football (soccer) fan, asked me if I want to attend one of the matches of the tournament. Of course, I would never say no to attending one of the biggest sports event of this summer so we started planning our trip.

At the time, there were still many matches at the tournament to be played. After considering our schedules and the convenience of the locations of the venues, we decided to attend the semi-final match held at the Stade des Lumières in Lyon. At the time, we didn’t know which two teams are going to play. With the progress of the tournament it became known our match will be the played between Wales and Portugal. Because my father-in-law is huge fan of Portugal’s star player Christiano Ronaldo, he expressed the interest in him and and mother-in-law joining us. Just the few days before the match, we somehow manage to buy the additional two tickets for them. We’ve booked them the plane tickets and voila, what was meant to be trip of two, became a family trip. Continue reading

Lake Oeschinen hike

On a warm sunny August Sunday my husband and I went exploring the jewels of one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland – Berner Oberland. Our destination was beautiful Oeschinen Lake (Oeschinensee), a stunningly beautiful alpine lake located in the mountains above the village Kandersteg in Oeschinen Valley.

Beautiful Oeschinen Lake (Oeschinensee)

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