Hiking the Grosser Mythen

1st August is Swiss National Day – the public holiday celebrating the foundation of Swiss Confederation. On that particular day in 1291 the representatives of three original cantons Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (today split into Obwalden and Nidwalden) formed an alliance. This action is now regarded as the founding of Switzerland and is annually celebrated all across Switzerland with different events and fireworks.

My husband and I spent this year’s the Swiss National Day in a very Swiss way: we went hiking. Our destination was 1.898 m high mountain Grosser Mythen located in canton Schwyz.

At the top of Grosser Mythen

We travelled from Lucerne to Schwyz by car. It took us app. 40 minutes to reach lower station of Rotenflue gondola station (Rotenfluebahn) located in Rickenbach at the outskirts of the Schwyz. We’ve left our car at the parking space by the station and took a cable car up to Rotenflue (1571 m), a starting point for many hikes in the region.

Rotenflue views

From Rotenflue we walked downhill to Holzegg (1405m) , where upper station of gondola connecting Hozegg with the village Brunni can be found. From there, the ascent to Grosser Mythen began.

Bench with a view

The ascent from Holzegg to Grosser Mythen wasn’t easy. The hiking trail, marked as T3 (“challenging”), is steep and narrow. In just 2,4 km it ascents from 1405 m to 1898 m altitude. To conquer it, the good level of fitness and good hiking shoes are highly recommended.

Hiking trail to Grosser Mythen

I must admit, I was running short of breath on our way up to the Grosser Mythen, but I didn’t gave up. In about an hour and forty minutes, we’ve reached the top of the mountain. The exertion of the ascent was soon forgotten. We’ve found our spot and rested our feet while enjoying lovely panoramic views of the Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee), Lake Lauerz (Lauerzersee), and the Alps.

Amazing panoramic views from the top

After some time resting and photographing the panoramic views, we returned back to Holzegg the same way we’ve arrived. The descent wasn’t easy either. The hiking trail is covered with rocks, some of which were quite slippery even on a dry sunny day. On the way up that wasn’t a problem, but on a way back down, I was very grateful for having hiking poles and wearing hiking boots.

At the top of Grosser Mythen

At Holzeg we’ve decided to rest a bit. At the restaurant of the Berggasthaus Holzegg we’ve treated ourselves with delicious Apple strudel with vanilla sauce. Then we’ve walked back way up to the Rotenflue where we’ve took the gondola back to the valley. We’ve reached Lucerne just in time before the summer storm hit the town.


Rotenflue (1571 m) – Holzegg (1405 m) – Grosser Mythen (1898 m)

  • 5,5 km long (ascent+descent)
  • Ascent: 660 m

Grosser Mythen mountain’s little brother: Kleiner Mythen


By public transport:

  • Take the bus to Schwyz or Einsiedeln. From Schwyz take the bus No. 3 to the valley station of Rotenfluebahn, from Einsiedeln take the bus No. 554 to Brunni-Alpthal

By car: 

  • At the highway A4 take the exit Seewen/Schwyz. Follow the signs and drive to the valley station of Rotenfluebahn in Rickenbach.
  • Arriving from Zürich: At the highway A3 take the exit Einsiedeln. From there drive to Brunni-Alpthal.

The panoramic views from our hike

  • Gondola ticket: 19 CHF/person (Halbtax)
  • Parking fee: 8 CHF
  • Apple strudel: 8 CHF/portion
  • 0,5l bottle of water: 6 CHF


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35 thoughts on “Hiking the Grosser Mythen

  1. Erich Styger says:

    Thanks for sharing! I did that hike few years ago and I agree with all what you say. I recommend to get up very early (we started around 4 am) to watch the sunrise from the the top. And it is much safer to hike up there if only few are on the hiking trail.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hilary says:

    This does look challenging, but it looks like it would be so worth the climb just for those stunning views, and I know my husband would love a piece of apple strudel! #farawayfiles

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oregongirlaroundtheworld says:

    Oh wow Urška! Those views are just amazing and what a beautiful day you had to do it! I loved your video, but will admit some of those sections activated my fear of heights – was it scary? Thank you for sharing your gorgeous day out with #FarawayFiles, Erin

    Liked by 1 person

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