Counting the days till trip to Mauritius




From 27th April to 6th May 2018

WHY Mauritius?
  • Stunning beaches
  • Underwater world
  • Wild dolphins spotting
  • Beautiful unique nature

My dad is turning 50 this year. As this is kind of a big deal anniversary, my mum, husband and I are taking him to Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian ocean, situated east of Madagascar. Once described by Mark Twain with those words: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” seems like an ideal destination for dad’s 50th birthday celebrations.

In order to make my dad’s birthday trip even more memorable, I would like to ask YOU my dear readers for some assistance. If you have already visited Mauritius, what are your favourite places there? What attractions are must see? Which beaches did you like the best? Where is the best snorkelling? What activities would you recommend? Where do they serve the best food? What local delicacy must we try? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated!

23 thoughts on “Counting the days till trip to Mauritius

  1. Pooja @lostinprettyeurope says:

    Wow sounds like it’ll be an awesome trip. I’ve always wanted to visit Mauritius – almost bought tickets this year but we changed plans later. I am sure your dad will really appreciate such a fantastic idea for his birthday! Have fun! I am looking forward to reading your blog posts from there as I will definitely go there one day heheh.

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  2. Life, Love and Imperfections says:

    How exciting.
    My favourite beach is Pereybere Beach, which is in the North, in Grand Baie. The places I would recommend are firstly, something that is unique to the island, is the Chamarel – 7 coloured earth of Chamarel and Le Morne Brabant for the views.
    Other places I went to ( January 2018 – blog coming soon ) are Trou an Cerfs the dormant volcano in Curepipe, Casela ( lots of activities there ) Catamaran Cruise and Crocodile park La Vanille. Shopswise, I like Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis and Quatre Bornes Market.
    I have also been to Touessrok Hotel in the East, there everything was just perfect.
    Check this out –
    Wish your dad a Happy Birthday, I hope he has a nice time. Get in touch with me if you need any more info.

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  3. seychellesadventure says:

    We visited Mauritius for our honeymoon and stayed in Grand Baie. The beach vendors there had amazing street food. Their bread is one of my favorites paired with tandoori chicken carved from the rotisserie. I have two posts dedicated to Mauritius for further information. Do not miss the Chamarel region and the Rhumarie de Chamarel. That was the highlight of our trip. Beautiful country, amazing rum, delicious food. Enjoy!

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  4. Ana says:

    zivjo 🙂
    mene pa zanima kako je z vizo za Mavricij , je edini pogoj da moraš imeti saj 6mesecev veljavni potni list ? je povratna karta potrebna ? kakršno koli dokazilo o bančnem stanju ?

    hvala lepa 🌞

    uzivaj se naprej !


    • Urska - Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

      Pozdravljena Ana! Slovenski državljani vize za Mavricij ne potrebujemo, edini pogoj je potni list z veljavnostjo vsaj še 6 mesecev na dan vstopa v državo. Glede povratne karte žal ne bi vedela. Mi smo jo seveda imeli, ampak ker je bil nas obisk izključno turistične narave nismo rabli kazati nobenih rezervacij, ne potrdil o bančnem stanju. Bolj kot na imigraciji so bili striktni na health office, kjer so nam zastavili nekaj vprašanj o preteklem potovanju po JV Aziji. Če ste pred obiskom Mauritiusa potovali po državah, kjer je razširjena rumena mrzlica, vedite, da je za vstop v Mauritius potrebno potrdilo o cepljenju proti tej bolezni. Upam, da odgovor zadostuje. Hvala enako! 😉 Lep pozdrav! 🙂


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