My 10 favourite YouTube Travel Channels

I always enjoyed watching travel shows. They were not only a tool to learn about different countries and cultures, but they also evoked travel bug that inspired me me to start travelling and exploring the world. Since I got my GoPro and I started making my own travel videos (which is btw also the reason I don’t post as much as I should on my blog), I discovered the world of YouTube travel channels – a fun and inspiring alternative to travel shows. Here is a list of 10 channels I currently enjoy watching:

American couple Kara and Nate are full time travellers on a mission to visit 100 countries by 2019. They vlogs are interesting, fun, informative and their bubbly personalities makes me want to just pack your bags and join them on their adventures.

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Three years of Slovenian Girl Abroad

On 17th February three years ago my blog came to existence. To celebrate this special occasion I would like to get more personal with you and share with you answers to some of the questions asked by my fellow bloggers and readers over those past three years:

  • What inspired you to start your own blog?

After I moved to Switzerland, I mainly communicated in German and I’ve lost contact with English. I started to notice my written English was getting worse and worse. I needed practice and blog seemed to be a great tool for that. So, three years ago, I decided to give blogging a go and Slovenian Girl Abroad came to life. Continue reading

Second blogoversary of Slovenian Girl Abroad

17th February marks Slovenian Girl Abroad blog’s second anniversary – I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I started writing this blog! Thank every single of you for sticking around this long! I really do appreciate!

Since I usually don’t share a lot about my personal life, I thought I could make the exception for this special occasion and share with you some facts about myself. Here we go:

  1. My name Urška is Slovenian version of the name Ursula. It derives from the Latin word “ursa” meaning “she-bear”.
  2. I can communicate in four languages: Slovene, English, German and Serbian/Croatian (well, five, if you count Latin).
  3. The first time I’ve travelled by airplane was in 2005 when I flew with my family to Varna in Bulgaria.
  4. I still prefer reading print books over e-books.
  5. My favourite sports to watch are alpine skiing and ski jumping.
  6. Everybody has a guilty pleasure—for me, it has to be Eurovision Song Contest.
  7. I don’t eat fresh tomatoes, but I like dried tomatoes, tomato-based sauces and ketchup.
  8. I have missed only one flight in my life. The reason was the accident at the highway because of which we were stuck in a traffic jam for more than an hour.
  9. I do still save entry tickets and booklets from my travels.
  10. I used to hate hiking, but since moved to Switzerland it grew to my heart. Now, I love spending the weekends hiking in the Swiss mountains.

Thanks again to all those who follow along, like and comment on my blog.  Here’s to the next year!

Cats of the world

Hi, I’m Urška and I’m a crazy cat lady. I also love to travel. Wherever in the world I meet feline creature I try to befriend it or at least take a picture of it. No wonder there are plenty of cat photos in my photo library. Here below are some of those pictures of the cuties I’ve met and photographed on my travels:

Raggi – Reykjavik, Iceland

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How (not) to Curse in Slovene Language

A while ago I was hanging out with a group of people from all around the world and somehow we’ve came to talk about our native languages, more specific about the swear words and phrases. When we’ve started translating words and expressions from our native languages to English, it turned out, Slovene language has some unique and interesting possibilities to express irritation or angriness. Because it was surprisingly fun and interesting conversation, I thought it would make an interesting blog post.

The most commonly used are those swear words and phrases taken from Serbian and Croatian and Slovene versions of expressions similarly insulting as those in other languages (e.g. the F word). There is also a third group of swear words and phrases – traditional Slovene. Despite most of those are not used in everyday life anymore, are in my opinion the most interesting. To name just a few of them:   Continue reading

1 year of Slovenian Girl Abroad

Today marks one year since I began my blog. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a whole year now. It really has flown by! At this occasion, I did a little review of this past year and I would like to share with you my 10 favourite posts/travel memories from the past year of blogging:


    Weekend getaway to Zermatt was without doubt one of the best trips my husband and I did in the past year. It was perfect getaway. We highly enjoyed Zermatt’s stunning scenery, ideal weather and snow conditions, and the delicious food. One couldn’t wish more from the weekend getaway.



    Trip to Japan was definitely the highlight of the past year and trip to the Jigokudani Monkey Park was the highlight of that trip. Seeing Japanese Macaques, I saw so many times in the documentaries on television, in person was an experience I will never forget.



    Swiss Cows are cool creatures. Do I need to say more?



    I love visiting heritage sites and no wonder I loved my trip to the stunning Predjama Castle. Touring its interior with interesting audio-guide was great experience. The visit was real treat for me.



    When you live abroad for as much time as I do, you start appreciating your home country and your home-town. Writing this post evoked many great memories and reminded me of how awesome is the town I grew up in.



    The best sport event I attended this past year was without a doubt FIS SKi Jumping WC event in Engelberg where I met my favourite ski jumper Peter Prevc in person. He and his brother shared the podium and made this event one of the best sports events I’ve ever experienced.



    One of the best hikes of the previous year was a hike to Brienzer Rothorn in Berner Oberland. Although my husband and I didn’t have a clear plan where to hike, we enjoyed our spontaneously chosen paths. The weather was ideal, the views were stunning and we had a great day out.



    If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed I love alpine skiing. One of my favourite ski-trips previous year was ski trip to Melchsee-Frutt where we wrapped 2014-15 ski season. Sun, perfectly prepared pistes and stunningly beautiful setting of one of my favourite places in Switzerland made this day a perfect day…



    My trip to Japan was amazing. This post made the list for being the most exciting and overwhelming day we had in Japan.



    Trip to stunningly beautiful Lake Cresta and Lake Cauma was a perfect autumn trip.


Other memorable posts that just missed the list, but are worth mentioning are:
◆ Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Ski Break in Mürren
Traveling with Cats by Car
Natur- & Tierpark Goldau
Japan. Day 7: Hiroshima & Miyajima: Museums & Shrines

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who read my posts. You are the motivation for me to continue documenting and sharing my experiences! I’m going to keep up posting in the second year of my blog’s existence and I hope you’ll enjoy my stories as much as I do when I write them.

Thank you!

Traveling with Cats by Car

Cats are creatures of routine that are usually strongly bonded to their territory. Most of them do not cope well with their routine being broken and being taken away from their territory. Travels are such events when all this happens. No wonder, traveling is not most cats’ cup of tea. But, there are exceptions, like my cats Živa and Lili who regularly travel with me from my home in Switzerland to my parents’ home in Slovenia. Despite traveling is not their favourite activity, they tollerate it.

My furry travelers

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2015 – A Year in Review

The year is slowly coming to an end. Looking back, the memories of 2015 brings smile on my face. Although I’ve faced some difficult moments, was 2015 a year I will never forget. I got married to love of my life, I’ve travelled and explored new unknown places and revisited some of the places I already visited, and last but not least, I’ve started writing Slovenian Girl Abroad blog.

Let’s do a quick recap of 2015:

  • I’ve visited two new countries: Japan and Netherlands, biding goodbye to 2015 with total count of 24 visited countries.
  • I’ve stepped at the Asian continent for the first time.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (june 2015)

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Hello and welcome to the Slovenian Girl Abroad!

Who am I?

I’m twentysomething-year-old Historian/Cultural Heritage professional born and raised in Slovenia, who is currently living in Switzerland with boyfriend and two cats.

Why am I writing this blog?

I want to document and share my personal travel experiences, as well as to provide tips to other who would like to explore the places I’ve already visited.

Where I’ve been?

Up to date (February 2015): Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican