Sunsets from all around the World – Part 2

Sunset is a gorgeous time of day. No matter where in the world you are, when the daylight turn to dusk, the sky glows in the most amazing palette of colours. Here are some of the lovely sunsets I’ve managed to capture on my travels around the globe:

Tribunj, Croatia

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Blast from the Past: Giza Plateau

Today’s Blast from the Past post is taking you back to September 2006 when I first time left Europe to visit Egypt in North Africa. I’ve spent most of my holidays relaxing at the beach in Hurgada. But, when in Egypt it would be a shame not to dedicate at least a day for exploring the ancient Egyptian heritage. Where else to go than to Giza, where the most famous monuments from the ancient Egypt era – the Pyramids and the Sphinx – can be found.

Here are some photos we took while exploring the Giza Plateau:

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