Birthday Celebration at Bürgenstock Resort

I thought it would be hard to beat last year’s epic birthday, which I celebrated on beach in Seychelles, but this years’s birthday was thanks to my dear husband amazing too! In the morning we went skiing to Melchsee Frutt, in the afternoon he booked us relaxing romantic retreat at the Bürgenstock Resort.

Relaxing in a pool with a view

Bürgenstock Resort is located in the scenic place atop of a mountain ridge 500 meters above the Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee). Beautiful as this place is, it attracts visitors since 1873, when the first hotel was built here. My husband and I have already visited Bürgenstock few times before, but then the resort was still under construction. The construction work was after nine years finally completed earlier this year and this luxury resort (re)opened. The large complex now encompasses of four hotels, a spectacular Alpine spa, plenty of restaurants and bars, tennis field, cinema, and many other facilities.

Christmasy feel at Bürgenstock resort

Bürgenstock can now be accessed by the ship from Lucerne and funicular railway, but we drove there by car. After smooth check and a birthday song performed for me by the reception staff, we went to our room, change to our swimsuits and went to the amazing Alpine spa where we’ve spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

The sky wasn’t clear, but the views from the infinity pool were still spectacular

After few hours of chilling out at the Alpine spa, we went to our room, changed to warm winter clothes and walked to the Sharq Oriental restaurant for a birthday dinner. The restaurant serves Lebanese and Qatari food in a lovely peaceful setting. Everything we’ve ordered was delicious. It was a perfect ending of a great day!

Delicious birthday dinner

We’ve spent the night at the one of the hotels. After good night’s sleep and delicious breakfast in the morning, we returned to the Alpine Spa where we’ve spent next few hours enjoying saunas and chilling out in the infinity pool with amazing views over Lake Lucerne.

Bürgenstock resort’s infinity pool is amazing

We had a fab stay. I would definitely love to do it again.


Interested in reading what else Bürgenstock has to offer? Click to the photos bellow and find out!

15 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration at Bürgenstock Resort

  1. Sha says:

    Spa time is always welcomed especially when it’s at the end of a tiring day…it looks awesome from the photos even with the fog so I can just imagine how wonderful it was…hope u have a wonderful Xmas celebration too! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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