Bürgenstock Revisited

When my brother was visiting in the summer, my husband and I took him to Bürgenstock, a scenic place atop of a mountain ridge above the Lake Lucerne. Some may remember, we’ve already visited Bürgenstock earlier this year. Because we liked this place a lot, we decided to revisit with it my brother.

At Hammetschwand

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Lake Lucerne’s Beaches: Strandbad Tribschen

Luzern is located by the Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee). In the hot summer, as is this year’s, is the perfect spot to cool down. There are many public beaches all around the lake. Some are free of charge, while others charge entrance fee. Strandbad Tribschen is one of those who charge entrance fee. For a fee of 5 CHF (adult), you can enter the area and use the facilities: children’s pool, showers, dressing rooms, bar, football and volleyball fields, etc. For additional fee, you can borrow the sports equipment (e.g. sup, boat).

Tribschen beach in the early spring

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Summer stroll around Luzern

A past few weeks had been busy for me and my boyfriend. We had members of our families visiting. First we’ve explored the beauty of Swiss Alps and enjoy at the beaches of Lake Lucerne with my boyfriend’s grandmother and his parents. Soon after they left, my brother came to visit. On the first day of his visit he was tired of a long night train ride from Slovenia, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the gloomy summer day strolling around Luzern.

Löwendenkmal (Lion Monument)

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Mt. Rigi: Grandma goes to the Mountains

My boyfriend’s parents and grandmother had recently come to visit us in Luzern. For the eighty-something year old grandmother was this trip a special occasion: it was the very first time ever she travelled by plane and the first time she visited Switzerland. We wanted to make her stay even more memorable, so we decided to show her the best of Switzerland: the Swiss Alps.

Mt Rigi in the summer

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Blast from the Past: Küssnacht am Rigi

Previous summer my boyfriend and I explored Central Switzerland on bikes. On one of our cycling trips we’ve visited Küssnacht am Rigi, a lovely village in canton Schwyz. It is located in the gorgeous setting between two lakes (Lake Zug and Lake Lucerne) in the shadow of “Queen of the Mountains” Mount Rigi.

Here are some photos we took while exploring the city on our bikes on sunny Sunday.

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Sunday walk at Tribschen

Spring has finally arrived to Luzern. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took advantage of warm sunny weather and went for a walk around the lovely Tribschen quarter. This quiet neighbourhood is located on the banks of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) and offers some of the most gorgeous spots in Luzern for a stroll.

Lake Luzern & Swiss Alps

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10 things to do in Luzern

Luzern (Lucerne / Lucerna), my Swiss home, is located in the Central Switzerland. It lies at the lovely area where the river Reuss flow into the Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee).

Since I moved to Luzern I had more than enough time to fully explore the it. If you’ll ever visit this charming little city, there are 10 things I would recommend doing: Continue reading