Video: Amazing Seychelles

After 14 days in warm tropical climate of SE Asia my body struggle to adapt to cold winter temperatures here in Switzerland. I feel miserable. In such state, I’m trying to lift my spirits by editing videos and photos from my trips to the warm and sunny places. I would like to share with you one of them: a video from my trip to Seychelles in December 2016. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

21 thoughts on “Video: Amazing Seychelles

  1. hip2trekem says:

    Oh wow what an amazing place, the clear water and fish and the lovely big tortoise. Thank you for for the glimpse of the Seychelles. #AdventureCalling

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  2. Lauren - The Helpful Hiker says:

    As I was watching your video it’s cold, wet and grey here (again!) after a particularity miserable winter. Spring seems far away and so it was great to see your trip. I am desperately in need of some sun but think I’ll have to wait until next year, I just hope we have a decent summer and see even a bit of sun! Thanks for sharing #AdventureCalling

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  3. pottyadventures says:

    Great video and what a wonderful place. This is definitely on my bucket list. The sea is SO beautifully turquoise, particularly the section on Grand Soeur Island.Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling. We’ll be open again this evening for more new posts.

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