Counting the days till South-East Asia trip


Singapore, Cambodia (Siem Reap) & Thailand (Chiang Mai, Krabi)


From 29th October to 11th November 2017


South-East Asia was on our radar for a while, but somehow it was never the right moment to travel there… Not until this year, when I found really good deal for the direct flights to Singapore. After a quick research on Singapore, we didn’t hesitate much before we’ve booked our flights there. Reasons?

  • Interesting architecture
  • Melting pot of cultures
  • Colonial history
  • Cleanliness

After our research, we knew two weeks in Singapore would be too much for our travel style, so we’ve started looking into other places in South-East Asia which we could also visit. Singapore is a travel hub with affordable connections to numerous destinations. It was hard decision, but after taking into consideration different factors, (like  weather conditions, transport connections, things to see, etc.), we’ve decided to travel to Siem Reap in Cambodia and Chiang Mai and Krabi in Thailand. Why?

Siem Reap, Cambodia:

  • Siem Reap temples
  • Cambodian history & culture
  • Affordability

Chiang Mai & Krabi, Thailand:

  • Elephants
  • Stunning beaches
  • Thai food
  • Temples
  • Thai history and culture
  • Limestone rocks formations
  • Adventurous activities
  • Affordability

As usual before departing to my trip, I would like to ask you my dear readers for some assistance. What are your favourite places in Singapore, Siem Reap, Chiang Mai and Krabi? What attractions are must see? Which market must we visit? Where do they serve the best food? What local delicacy we must try? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated!

42 thoughts on “Counting the days till South-East Asia trip

  1. sileas says:

    Ahh so exciting – SEA is my favourite region in the world! Thailand has become something like a second home to me ❤ If you haven't booked a hotel yet, I'd recommend to stay in Rai Leh Beach in Krabi – it's a little more expensive but so worth it! For the ultimate Elephant experience check out Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai also is a great place for cultural experiences like cooking classes, yoga, meditation, temple hopping and so on… I'm sure you'll have a blast and if you have any questions, let me know 😉

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      • Sha says:

        Ooh, that’s a pretty short time but I would say visit Gardens by the Bay (it’s beautiful in the day n night), walk around the city to the Merlion and then head down to Clarke quay area. You can walk the whole way but there’s always public transport a short distance away. Try some chili crab if you can find them, this is one of our must try food. 👍😋 Chinatown and little india is recommended for a visit as well. If you have time, I would recommend visiting this area near Bugis called Haji Lane. It’s a hipster lane and street art on some buildings so very nice to take photos but I think your time there is too short to visit 😊. I would say stop by Maxwell Food centre at Chinatown to try local food like chicken rice..or you can try eating at Zamzam near Haji Lane for their murtabak 😆. It’s opposite the Sultan Mosque so very easy to find. There’s actually really a lot more but you don’t have much time so just enjoy yourself anywhere you end up at! Oh the weather here has been weird these past few weeks so don’t be surprised if it’s raining on some days..otherwise it’s bright n sunny other times 🌞😁. Which part of Singapore will you be staying at?

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  2. Edwin Tan says:

    Yes, 2 weeks is too long to spend in Singapore. Anyway, welcome to my part of the world. If you like any info please do ask. The Yi Peng festival in Chiangmai is on 2-4 Nov this year. If you could be there it would be fabulous.

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  3. mytimetotravel says:

    Great destination. Glad you’re getting out of Singapore – good food, good museums, but so clean and tidy I call it Disneyland Asia.

    Hope you are allowing at least three full days (four nights) for Angkor Wat. Look for Dawn Rooney’s guide to the temples.

    Please, please do NOT visit an elephant location that allows the animals to be ridden or that makes them perform tricks. These two seem to be OK:

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    • Urska - Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

      Disneyland of Asia, heheh. Even though I haven’t been to Singapore yet can see where that nickname came from. 🙂
      We’ll be in Siem Reap for three nights, so we’ll have app. 4 days for exploring Siem Reap. I know it might not be enough to see all temples, but we’ll try to do our best. 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll look into that guide.
      Don’t worry, I’ve done my research. I’ve read a lot about the mistreatments of the elephants and I will most certainly not visit such places.
      Thanks for all the tips. 🙂


  4. thebritishberliner says:

    I’m so excited for you. You’re going to have a great time!

    I’ve been to Singapore, but that was years ago! However, we went to Chiang Mai in 2014, and had a great time through Thailand – Bali – Korea – and Qatar. Don’t ask!

    Chiang Mai was awesome and we did so many things like take a daytrip to the Doi Inthanon National Park, went to an elephant sanctuary, went hiking, took cookery classes, and went to the night market ‘cos the food is amazing! Here’s the link about the National Park!

    Have a great trip!

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  5. Pooja @lostinprettyeurope says:

    Wow so exciting 🙂 I have only been to Singapore from the list. I went there this year on a bus ride from Kuala Lumpur. I found it to be quite expensive, especially when compared to other countries in the region. I don’t think I have anything special to recommend you as I was there only for three days. I went to Little India, China Town, Orchard road, Marina Sands Bay area and the Gardens. Might be a good idea for you guys to go to the Gardens at night as they have daily light shows and we really enjoyed it. Other than that, we just walked around and discovered many local neighborhoods in Singapore and ate cheap and delicious food from the food courts.

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    • Urska - Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

      Oh yes, it seems Singapore is much more expensive in comparison with Cambodia and Thailand. We’re paying for one night in a hotel about the same price as we’re paying for three nights in Cambodia. Crazy.
      Thanks for all the tips. I think we’ll do just that – walk around and discover different neighbourhoods. 🙂

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  6. Victoria says:

    I’ve never been to Krabi, but Chiang Mai is very nice! Visiting an elephant sanctuary is a must (I see it’s on your list). I’d suggest that you do an all day elephant training to get the most out of your experience. Taking a Thai cooking class is also very popular there. You can’t miss the Sunday Night streets in the old city center of Chiang Mai.

    Siem Reap: hire a private tuk tuk driver to take you to all the temples. You may get templed out, so spread out your visit among 2-3 days. Remeber to try for Angkor Wat at sunrise!


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  7. kerrydiscovers says:

    I’m counting down the days to my trip as well! Starting off in Malaysia, through to laos, Cambodia, Philippines, bali Oz and Thailand. Let me know if you have any recommendations plesse 😊

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    • Urska - Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

      Sorry for late reply – I was traveling. 🙂 I just got back to Europe earlier today, still under impression of those past weeks. I loved Cambodia – temples of Angkor are stunning. Singapore and Thailand were nice too. I’ll write about my trip in the following days/weeks, and will try to include my tips and recommendations.
      I enjoyed my trip a lot. I’m sure your’s will be great too! 🙂


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