Fun at EuropaPark

Few weeks ago I’ve visited EuropaPark, an amusement park located in Rust in the south-west of Germany. 

Water rollercoaster Poseidon

EuropaPark is the largest theme park in the Germany and is easy accessible from Switzerland, France and Germany. We’ve travelled there by car which took us about two hours from Lucerne, Switzerland.

Whale Adventures ride from Iceland themed part of EuropaPark

EuropaPark is easy to find and has plenty of paid parking spaces available. After arrival, we left our car at one of them and walked to the entrance where we’ve bought our entrance tickets and enter the world of fun rides.

Silver Star rollercoaster – it is 73 meters high and reaches maximum speed 130 km/h, with a maximum of 4G vertical forces

As the name suggests, EuropaPark’s main theme is Europe. The park is divided to different areas which are all named after European country, for example Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Russia, Greece, England et others. Each area or country of the park offers its own rides all styled and named in a way to represent the country.

Swiss themed Matterhorn Blitz ride

Also, each part of the park has its own dining options. You can eat salmon or Swedish meatballs in restaurants in the Swedish themed part of the park while the restaurant in the Swiss part has raclette on the menu.

Delicious ice-cream

EuropaPark offers a great choice of rides for different types of visitors: from children to the adrenaline seeking adults. There are also really cool water rides, such as rollercoaster Poseidon and Fjord Rafting, which I liked the best. There is really something for each age and interest.

Water rollercoaster Poseidon

I don’t like hardcore adrenaline rides, so I only went to those I was comfortable with. Even though I skipped the scariest rides, there were still so many available I didn’t had a chance to ride them all. The place is huge!

Space themed Euro-Mir rollercoaster in Russian part of EuropaPark

Considering we were at EuropaPark on warm sunny Saturday, the queues weren’t awful. We’ve waited app. thirty minutes for the most of the rides. The longest we’ve waited was fifty five minutes for Poseidon rollercoaster.

The water rides were the most popular on the day we’ve visited Europa-park – the queue for Poseidon water rollercoaster.

Our group had a ton of fun riding rollercoasters and other rides. It was a great day.

Euro Tower offers panoramic views over EuropaPark, Rhine valley, Black Forest, and the French Vosges

  • By car:
    From the North: Motorway A 5 – direction Basel – exit ‘Rust’ (57 b)
    From the South: Motorway A 5 – direction Frankfurt – exit ‘Rust’ (57 b)
    Address & GPS: Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Germany (Latitude 48° 16′ 17″ N (48.271570) Longitude 7° 43′ 2″ E (7.717430))
  • Entrance tickets: €47.00/person (Adults aged 12+)
  • Parking: €6

The giant spinning Koffiekopjes teacups were fun to ride



16 thoughts on “Fun at EuropaPark

    • Urska - Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

      Yes, it’s kind of Disneyland, but it’s a bit different. I liked Disneyland Paris, but when I was there as an adult, I thought I visited it a decade too late. I think it’s ideal for children, but there is not enough interesting stuff for adults. At Europapark they have much more adrenaline rides available – some really hardcore ones. Such kind of rides you cannot find at Disneyland. I think they are both good theme parks, but are just different.


  1. mymeenalife says:

    Oh I loved this park! I really enjoyed seeing your photos! I rode all of the scary rides and they weren’t too bad, the indoor coasters were my favorite. There is plenty to do there, though! Glad to hear you had a good trip!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Clare Thomson says:

    I do like the idea of dividing a park into themes based on countries and that you can try different foods in each one. Sounds like a great idea for a theme park! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

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