Cycling Trip to Zug

Few weekends ago, my husband and I took advantage of the sunny weather and went cycling. We cycled 30 km long section of the national cycling route number 9 from Luzern to Zug.

One of the gorgeous spots by the river Reuss on the cycling route no. 9

The cycling route number 9 is a 497 km long route between Montreux and Rorschah. Because it passes many beautiful Swiss lakes, including Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), Bodensee, and Lake Lucerne (Vierwalstättersee), it is also known as “the Lakes route”.

Lake Zug (Zugersee) is one of many lakes cycling route no. 9 passes

I really liked this cycling route. It took us through lovely Swiss countryside, through the forrest, meadows, blooming cherry orchards and calm and peaceful residential areas.

Gorgeous Swiss countryside

Everything was blooming

Blooming cherry trees.

After our arrival to Zug, we went for a lunch in one of the restaurants in the city centre. Filled with delicious food, we cycled to park by the Lake Zug (Zugersee) where we’ve chilled until we cycled back in direction of Luzern. Because it was already getting dark, we stopped at Rotkreuz where we caught a train back home to Luzern.

Lake Zug

Evening light

Special wagon for bicycles

15 thoughts on “Cycling Trip to Zug

  1. Edwin Tan says:

    Oh nice! I didn’t know there is a cycling route from Zug to Lucern. I used to stay in Zug when I worked for Swiss company and had to fly there for technical training or meetings. And I took the train to Lucern.

    Liked by 1 person

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