Ski season 2016/2017 – summary

Despite it doesn’t seems winter has come to an – it snowed in Luzern yesterday, my skis and ski equipment are already safely stored in our storage room. Looking back, this ski season wasn’t as plentiful as the previous ones (2015/16, 2014/15), but I still manage to spent some great time at the slopes.

I’ve enjoyed winter sun and some truly spectacular mountain views. I’ve revisited some of my favourite ski resorts, and I’ve explored one new one that was on my bucket list for some time. All in all, 2016/17 was a good ski season.

Here are some of the photos from my ski trips. Hope you’ll enjoy them:

Perfect day of skiing at Männlichen (Grindelwald, January 2017)

Postcard picture (Klewenalp, March 2017)

Melchsee Frutt – always great (February 2017)

My favourite Männlichen slopes (Grindelwald, January 2017)

Perfect weather conditions (Melchsee-Frutt, February 2017)

We didn’t have the best weather in Sankt Moritz, but we still have great time swooshing down the slopes (Sankt Moritz – Corviglia, March 2017)

Awesome chairlift views (Klewenalp, March 2017)

Männlichen ski slopes (Grindelwald, January 2017)

Sunny day at Klewenalp (March 2017)

Chairlift (Sankt Moritz, March 2017)

Skiing in the shadow of the mighty Mt Eiger (Grindelwald, January 2017)

Views from Corviglia ski area (Sankt Moritz, March 2017)

Gorgeous snow-covered landscape (Melchsee-Frutt, February 2017)

7 thoughts on “Ski season 2016/2017 – summary

  1. thebritishberliner says:

    ‘Love the sunny weather. I tend to go skiing every two years, and this year managed a week of skiing in the Czech Republi!

    Except for one day which was really windy, the weather consitions were perfect!
    p.s. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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