2017 Geneva International Motor Show

Previous week my father and brother came to their annual spring visit. Like in previous years, we’ve spend some quality family time together while exploring what the Switzerland has to offer. Fist of our trips together was to Geneva where we’ve attended the International Motor Show – the first major international automobile exhibition of the year where world’s most important automotive brands exhibit their vehicles.

This year’s edition of Geneva Motor Show took place from 9th to 19th March 2017 at its usual location at Palexpo convention centre near Geneva Airport. Same as in previous years, we’ve travelled to Geneva by car. In contrast to the painful experience previous year, we didn’t have any problems getting to the organised parking lot number P-48. We left our car there, bought the tickets (16 CHF/person), paid the hefty parking fee (25 CHF/car) and took the free shuttle bus to the convention centre where we’ve entered the premises of the motor show.

Like in previous years, some seriously cool vehicles were put on display: from regular cars, to concept cars, motorcycles, luxury tailor-made cars and even passenger-drone prototype.

I found the show nice, but a bit boring. When I was walking the exhibition space, I couldn’t get the feeling I’ve already seen all this. The same manufacturers were exhibiting at the same spots as in previous two years and there were very little changes in the way the vehicles were exhibited.

Because I’m not a car enthusiast, I didn’t really appreciate all the new models presented to the public. Anyway, my dad and brother were enjoying themselves a lot and I enjoyed hanging out with them. All in all it was a nice trip.





7 thoughts on “2017 Geneva International Motor Show

  1. WanderMum says:

    Wow. Some of those cars look awesome!! I’d really like to go to the famous car show at some point. I can see though how it may get a bit same same if you visit year after year. #citytripping


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