Zermatt – Winter Paradise revisited

After our trips to Zermatt in November in December my husband and I were showing our photos and praising the beauty of Zermatt village to our families. My father, who is a avid skier, was fascinated. Every winter he comes to visit us in Lucerne to spend some quality time together. Impressed by our Zermatt experiences he asked us, if we could organise ski trip to this lovely village. Of course, we did.

Snow covered Zermatt

Zermatt is beautiful car-free alpine village located at the very end of the Matter valley (Mattertal) and is only approachable by the curvy mountain roads and mountain train. Because car-drive from Lucerne to Zermatt takes about three hours, it would be too exhausting and time consuming for a day ski-trip. Therefore we decided to spend a night there. We’ve booked a accommodation way in advance and when the day arrived, we hit the road.

Day 1: Relaxing with the views to Matterhorn

Likewise in November and December, we’ve travelled from Lucerne to Zermatt via Interlaken and Lötschberg tunnel. After a nice scenic car-ride, we arrived to Täsch where we’ve parked our car in the same parking house by the train station and took the same scenic train to car-free village of Zermatt we did before.

The Matter Vispa river

After our arrival to Zermatt, I was clear we hit the jackpot at the weather lottery once again. For our third visit in a row, we were greeted by the sun. We walked to our hotel located in the area right by the end of Rothorn ski run. Despite we were a bit earlier than its hotel’s official check-in time, we were able to check-in and access our rooms. We dropped off our luggage, then we went out exploring Zermatt.

Zermatt church

We wandered the adorable streets, admiring lovely alpine architecture and majestic views of the Alps surrounding Zermatt. The views to Matterhorn were the best, like a page out of a storybook.

It seems like Matterhorn can be seen almost from almost every part of the village

After our walk, we returned back to our hotel where we changed to our swimsuits and spent the rest of the day relaxing at hotel’s spa and wellness centre.

Matterhorn view relaxation

After a few hours of enjoying, we dressed up and went out for dinner. We were quite hungry and we didn’t want to gamble, so we went to the same restaurant, my husband and I had dinner on our previous visits. The food was as delicious as the previous two times. With our bellies full, we returned back to our hotel and rest.

Delicious cheese fondue & rösti

Day 2: Perfect day on skis

Next morning we woke up early in the morning. After breakfast, we packed our things, changed to our ski gear and checked out from our room. We left our luggage in hotel, grabed our skis and and went skiing.


I have no words to express how great was skiing. The sun was out,  the snow conditions were superb and the views were breathtaking. One couldn’t wish for more.

Matterhorn view skiing

We skied all the way from Rothorn-Sunegga area to upper Italian part of ski resort via Gornergrat. The ski slopes at the Swiss side were nearly empty and in were perfectly prepared. Simply amazing.

The view in direction of Rothorn-Sunegga ski area

We had lunch at one of the Italian mountain huts, then we returned back to Swiss side where we skied back to Sunegga area and from there all the way down to our hotel. Tired, but happy we changed back to our regular clothes and left for Lucerne, knowing this was definitely not our last visit of Zermatt.

Some pistes were closed, but we still have more than enough slopes to ski.

Amazing views

Till the next time Zermatt

18 thoughts on “Zermatt – Winter Paradise revisited

  1. rosemaylily2014 says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful! I have only been briefly to Zermatt – to get on the Glacier Express (we were staying down in the valley at Brig and got the train up to Zermatt from there). Would love to go back one day – your photos are stunning 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Travel Happy says:

    Wow your posts on Zermatt are making me want to go back. My family was there during one summer and we are thinking of maybe going during winter next time. Do you know if they have ski areas for beginners? Thanks.
    – Amor

    Liked by 1 person

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