2016 Geneva International Motor Show

For a second year in a row, I had a chance to visit the famous Geneva International Motor Show, held in Geneva every year in March since 1905. This year’s edition is taking place from 3rd to 13th March 2016 at Palexpo, a convention centre near Geneva Airport.

My father and brother come to visit and as they are both car enthusiasts we couldn’t skip the Geneva International Motor Show.

Likewise previous year, we’ve travelled to Palexpo by car. It was a chaotic experience. When we’ve reached the first parking lot organised by the motor show, we were redirected to other one. The second parking lot was full too, but as we didn’t want to drive back to the first one just to be redirected back, we decided to wait. At least ten cars had left the parking lot while we were waiting, but none was let in. I went to ask gentleman, who guarded the parking entrance, when are they going to let waiting cars in. He replied in perfect English that the parking lot was full and that we should park at other parking space. I told him we were already redirected from there, but he just repeated, the parking lot is full. When I asked him how it is possible there is not a single space available, if there were cars leaving and I could see at least five free parking spaces from where we were standing, he started speaking in French and pretended not to understand me. I tried again in German and got the same reply in French. As he clearly decided not to communicate with me anymore, nor letting us to the parking lot, I gave up and walked back to our car. We drove back to first parking space which was, as expected full. The lady there sent us back to the second parking space. We drove back there and  surprise, surprise, it was still closed. Frustrated and disappointed by the bad organisation, we decided to try to find parking in the area around Palexpo. Our search seemed like Sisyphean task, but after 30 minutes we finally found a free space in a zone with free parking for up to 4 hours. As we didn’t plan to stay longer at car show, we parked our car there and walked to the Palexpo.

When we’ve finally reached Palexpo building we bought the Geneva Motor Show tickets (16 CHF/person) and entered the premises. Inside the exhibition space our frustration slowly faded away. We wandered around the large halls admiring shiny vehicles of all shapes and colours.

Comparing the show with last year’s, it didn’t change much. The same manufacturers were exhibiting their vehicles at the same spots and the cars were presented in more or less the same way.

Geneva Motor Show is famous for being the place where the car brands debut their latest production cars as well as the concept cars for the future. Despite I’m not a car-enthusiast was seeing the latest innovations from the car industry and spectacular top-luxury cars nice experience. But, the best part of this trip was for me, of course, spending quality time with my father and brother who both deeply enjoyed the car show.

9 thoughts on “2016 Geneva International Motor Show

    • Urska @ Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

      I know, but from such a big event as is this motor show, you would expect parking would be better organised.
      I had the same thoughts when I was walking past all those luxury cars. 🙂


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