Zürich in December

What to do when you find yourself in Zürich on a sunny December morning and you have some time to kill? You stroll around the town and take some photos of the city in its festive attire, like I did. Here are some snaps from my morning walk:


35 thoughts on “Zürich in December

    • Urska says:

      Thank you. The day was perfect for a walk and taking pictures. 🙂
      It is a pleasure being part of #citytripping linkup. Thank you for hosting it. 🙂


  1. Wander Mum says:

    Stunning photos!!! What a beautiful city to take a winter walk – all so Christmassy. I need to pay Zurich a visit. Thanks for linking to #citytripping x

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  2. Deb Che says:

    Great photos! It looks like Zurich has a Christmas Market, as do many other cities in Europe – I would love to go back for a visit, especially when the Christmas Market is in full swing! I’ve been to Zurich twice, but both times as a stopover and didn’t take nearly enough photos! Happy travels 🙂 #citytripping


    • Urska says:

      Thank you! Zürich is beautiful in Christmas-time. If you’re thinking of returning, December is definitely the right month. 😉 Happy travels to you to! 🙂

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    • Urska says:

      I agree. If not for the Christmas market, lights & decorations, it would be more like an early spring. The temperatures were much higher as are usually in December. 😀


    • Urska @ Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

      Well, the December weather in Zürich is very unpredictable. It can be all cloudy and gray, it can be rainy, it can be snowy but it can also be sunny like on the day of my walk. You never know what kind of weather you’ll get. What’s the weather like in your town?


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