Luzern in December

December in Luzern is magical. The streets and squares of old town are decorated with Christmas lights, Christmas markets open its doors, and different events take place. Here are some of the snaps from this festive time of the year:

Old town by the river Reuss

House transformed into Advents Calendar

Every day new window open showing new picture.

Even fountains got festive attire

One of many Luzern’s Christmas Markets can be found at Franziskanerplatz.

Christmas Market at Franziskanerplatz is held from 3rd to 20th Dezember and is worth visiting.

Seebrücke – bridge over river Reuss

Rathaussteg – pedestrian bridge connecting Old Town with Bahnhofstrasse

Hertensteinstrasse in Old Town

Christmas tree by KKL

You can go ice-skating at open-air ice-rink by KKL. It’s fun activity.

There are many events held in Luzern in December – this was a Saint Nicholas (in Switzerland known as Samichlaus) procession around the Old Town.

Advents Calendar House is Illuminated during the night.

December is cold, but it’s great time to visit Luzern.

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