Natur & Tierpark Goldau revisited

Don’t know what to do on a gloomy November Sunday in Central Switzerland? Visit Natur & Tierpark Goldau (Goldau Nature Park and Zoo) – an animal park housing more than hundred European wild and domesticated animal species (e.g. bears, wolves, chickens, otters, lynx etc.)!
As you might remember, I’ve already visited this animal park earlier this year with my brother. This time I’ve visited it with my husband.


I won’t repeat myself with describing Natur & Tierpark Goldau, instead I’ll just describe how was this visit different from previous one. Starting with the arrival. Likewise the first time, we had no problems finding the park. Bigger problem was finding the parking space. Both parking spaces belonging to Tierpark were full. After approximately 15 minutes driving around the parking space, we finally got the parking spot. We parked our car and walked to the entrance. The number of cars gave us the sense, park will be much busier than it was when I visited it for the first time. It was, but luckily are the park grounds still large enough for people to spread around the area.


Unfortunately, numerous visitors chased wild sheeps, sika deers and follow deers to find retreat away from people. There were only few of them roaming freely nearby walking trails and were not nearly as friendly as they were during my first visit. Most of them didn’t care for pellets we’ve tried to feed them with. This time were the roles reversed – instead they followed us and beg to be fed, we followed them asking them to let us feed them. I guess they were full as almost everyone we’ve met in the park carried the bag of pellets in their hand.

Sika deer

Despite most of the deers ignored us, they were still the cutest creatures in animal park. Just look at this big black eyes!

Sika deers

Some of the animals, like marmots, had already retreated for their winter sleep. Others that were still active, changed their summer coats for fluffier winter fur.

The highlight of this visit was the feeding of the bears and wolves. Two kind ladies (park ranger and zookeeper) fed them and provided us and the rest of crowd with information about their animals, their diet and habits. Although I had some difficulties understanding zookeeper’s harsh Swiss German dialect, I still understand enough to learn some interesting new facts about those two species.

Zookeeper explaining the diet of wolves and bears

Lunch time

Large pit for bears & wolves

We enjoyed our visit a lot. It was a great way of spending a gloomy November Sunday outdoors.



How to get to Goldau: 

  • By car: At A4 road take the exit Arth or Goldau and follow the signs to Natur- & Tierpark Goldau.
    If using GPS enter the address: Parkstrasse 40, 6410 Goldau
  • By public transport: Take a train to Arth-Goldau train station. When there, just follow the signs and after 400 meters, you’ll reached the entrance of Natur- & Tierpark Goldau.


  • Entrance fee: Adult: 20 CHF
  • Box of Animal food: 2 CHF
  • Parking fee: 6 CHF

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