Tällihütte hike

This summer my husband and I spent some of our weekends exploring Swiss Alps. One of our trips brought us to Grimselwelt, an alpine region in western part of canton Bern covering the Grimsel and Susten pass roads as well as the mountain areas nearby. This was our second time in the area and for sure it’s not the last time.

Hiking the Swiss Alps

Our initial plan was to drive through Gadmen valley to Triftbahn (Trift aerial cable car), take a ride up to the mountain and hike to Trift Bridge (Triftbrucke), a suspension bridge above the Trift glacier. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware of the limited capacity of the tiny Trift cable car. As there are only few rides per hour, we would get a place in the cable car to go up in the mountains, but not to come back down. The hike up to the Trift bridge and back to the valley would be too demanding and too time consuming, so we decided to leave this hike for the next time.

Gadmen Valley & Susten Pass from above

At the suggestion of a lady at the counter, we drove to nearby station Tällibahn (Tälli cable car). This aerial cable car was less popular than Triftbahn. We would get return tickets, but after looking at the map lady provided us with, we’ve decided to rather take a hiking route from the Tälibahn station in the valley to Täallihütte (Berghaus Tälli) – a mountain hut-restaurant at 1726 meters above sea level.

Tälli cable car

The hiking trail to Tällihütte was well marked. At some parts was very narrow and rather steep. Lower part of the trail runs through woods and was to me rather boring. I liked the upper part that runs through alpine pastures with the views to the Gadmen valley and Susten pass, much better.

Gadmen Dolomites at the upper part of the trail

Hike to Tällihütte was not the most scenic hike, we’ve done, but the mountainous landscape, nature and the views were nevertheless beautiful.

Alpine scenery

We’ve manage to reach our destination Tällihütte without any problems. Its terrace was quite crowded, but we’ve managed to get a seat and ordered a lunch. The food was delicious, as usually is at the mountain huts.

With our bellies full and feet rested we’ve returned back to the valley via same hiking trail.

Cows we’ve met on our hike

Despite we didn’t manage to get to our first destination, we did enjoyed the plan B hike a lot. It was another great day at the Swiss Alps.

A lovely river across the road of Tällibahn station.

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