Amazing Brienzer Rothorn

Brienzer Rothorn is 2350 meters high summit in the Swiss Alps where the borders of three cantons met: canton Luzern, canton Obwalden and canton Bern. To me it is one of the must stunning places in Switzerland.

Switzerland in a nutshell

Despite my husband and I already visited Brienzer Rothorn twice before, we returned there this August to do some hiking. We weren’t disappointed. Nature was stunning and hiking trails were great. 

Hiking trail

We’ve visited Brienzer Rothorn on a clear sunny day and were rewarded with clear panoramic views to the surrounding area: Bernese Alps, Lake Brienz, Grimsel Region, Pilatus etc. They were as amazing as we’ve remembered them from our previous visits.

Beautiful Lake Brienz as seen from the hiking route to Planalp

Brienzer Rothorn can be accessed by the mountain railway from Brienz or by cable car from Sörenberg. Taking the train to the top (Rothorn Kulm) would take you about an hour and is not cheap, but is worth it. They still use small steam locomotives to push the carriages uphill. Travelling in the “old way” is a special experience. Not to mention, slow ascent allows the passengers to enjoy in the stunning vistas longer.

Steam trains from Brienz

Aerial cable car from Sörenberg is much faster and a bit cheaper. To me, is a bit less scenic than the ascent from Brienz, but still beautiful. If you’re lucky enough, you might even spot ibex colony that lives at the terrain under the cable car.

Aerial cable car takes you up from Sörenberg

If you wish to see the both sides of Brienzer Rothorn mountain, you can also do a round trip. We’ve already done it twice before. Because we had a discount voucher for Sörenberg cable car, we opted for the this option.

Lake Brienz as seen from Rothorn Kulm

We didn’t prepare much for this hiking trip to Brienzer Rothorn. From our previous visits, we knew there are a lot of hiking routes there. When we arrived to the Rothorn Kulm, we just pick one and followed the signs. We did things differently this time and started our hike with the descent. We followed the hiking route to Planalp, one of the stations of the steam train. We never got there, because while walking towards Planalp we’ve spotted another trail to Twärenegg peak. The route and the peak seemed much more appealing than Planalp, so we decided to go there instead. It was a great decision. The views from there were breathtaking.


The views from Twärenegg

From Twärenegg, we’ve returned back to Rothorn Kulm and followed the hiking trails to the other side of the mountain – to Eissee.


After reaching Eisee, we returned back to Rothorn Kulm, where we concluded our day of hiking with delicious lunch at the the Rothorn restaurant by the cable car station. We sat at the terrace overlooking the Lake Brienz. It was the best way to end a great day in the Alps.

Lunch with a view


How to get to Brienzer Rothorn: 

By car:

  • To Brienz:
    – From Interlaken take A8 road along the shores of Lake Brienz. Exit the road at the Brienz exit (no. 29).
    – From Luzern take A8 road in direction Interlaken. After crossing Brünig Pass, just follow the signs to Brienz.
    – Parking in Brienz is available and is well marked.
  • To Sörenberg:
    – From Luzern take A8 road in direction Interlaken. Exit the road at Giswil (no. 33) and drive along the Panoramastrasse to Sörenberg. Beware, this road is only open in the summer-time. Alternative way is via Schüpfheim-Flühli.
    – From Bern take road 10 to Schüpfheim. There take route 6 and follow the signs to Interlaken and Sörenberg.
    – Free parking is available by the cable car station at Sörenberg.

By public transport: 

  • By train: The Zentralbahn (Central Railway) operates a direct service from Lucerne and Interlaken to Brienz. The Brienz Rothorn Railway is situated opposite the Central Railway station.
  • By ship: From Interlaken take a ship to Brienz. The quay at Brienz is opposite the Brienz Rothorn Railway.


  • Discounted package including return cable car ticket Sörenberg – Brienzer Rothorn & Tagesteller at Rothorn Restaurant: 38 CHF/person (with Halbtax and GA)
  • 2 juices at Rothorn restaurant: 7 CHF



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35 thoughts on “Amazing Brienzer Rothorn

  1. rosemaylily2014 says:

    What stunning photos! I have always wanted to do that train journey up from Brienz but never managed it despite a few trips to Switzerland. It looks well worth it!! Have taken the train along Lake Brienz and over the pass to Luzern and that was breathtakingly beautiful too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Urska says:

      Thank you Rosemary! Yes, this train ride is amazing. Passing all the lakes surrounded by the mountains is great. 🙂
      I think Brienzer Rothorn is one of the most stunning mountains in Switzerland. The nature there is beautiful, but the best are the views. If someone would ask me what mountain in Switzerland to visit, I would definitely recommend Brienzer Rothorn. 🙂


  2. Clare Thomson says:

    Wow! Those views are just extraordinary, Urska! I’d LOVE to go hiking here and arriving by steam train sounds like the perfect way to travel. Thanks for inspiring me on #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Juliette S says:

    Those views are just magnificent! That beautiful blue water against the lush greenery is such a calming and yet invigorating view. I can understand why you keep returning – what a beautiful place to go hiking. #farawayfiles

    Liked by 1 person

  4. fifi + hop says:

    Wow, your photos are seriously stunning! And there is no better way to finish a day of hiking than with a good meal and amazing view. I have quite the envy right now! Thanks for linking up with #farawayfiles

    Liked by 1 person

  5. TheHelpfulHiker says:

    Wow! Your photos of Switzerland always look amazing, but this is extra special-I can see why you wanted to go back. I am desperately hoping that we see some clear blue skies here soon. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place with us #AdventureCalling.


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