Blast from the Past: Giza Plateau

Today’s Blast from the Past post is taking you back to September 2006 when I first time left Europe to visit Egypt in North Africa. I’ve spent most of my holidays relaxing at the beach in Hurgada. But, when in Egypt it would be a shame not to dedicate at least a day for exploring the ancient Egyptian heritage. Where else to go than to Giza, where the most famous monuments from the ancient Egypt era – the Pyramids and the Sphinx – can be found.

Here are some photos we took while exploring the Giza Plateau:

11 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Giza Plateau

  1. realplacespeoplestories says:

    Beautiful pictures! They describe very well how it is there. I was there around the same time, and it took me back to some great memories 🙂

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  2. Alison says:

    I remember learning about the pyramids in elementary school, but I never dreamed that I would actually get to visit them. Maybe I will some day, but thanks for sharing your photos and your experience. I love the photo 4th photo from the top – the shot looking up the pyramid wall. It really conveys its vastness!

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