Natur- & Tierpark Goldau

My brother and I both like animals. We enjoy observing the them in their natural habitat as well in the sanctuaries, like zoos and animal parks. When my brother was visiting in July we decided to visit one of the zoos. As we both already visited the Zürich zoo and I already visit Basel zoo, we decided to give a shot Natur- & Tierpark Goldau (Goldau Nature Park and Zoo), an animal park in Goldau in Central Switzerland. Stretching over 34 hectares of land is a home to more than 100 European wild and domesticated animal species (e.g. bears, wolves, chickens, otters, lynx etc.).

The cutest Sika Deer

After a 30 minutes drive from Luzern, we arrived in Goldau where we’ve easily found Natur- and Tierpark. We’ve parked our car at the Tierpark’s parking space and follow the signs to the entrance. After paying the admission fee (20 CHF / 16 CHF) we were allowed to get in and hang out with animals.

Pond from above

We strolled around the park, observed the animals and learned about them. Park is full of discovery stations and panels providing informations about the animals and their natural habitat.

The text on panels is mostly available in German, what might be a problem for some non-German speaking visitors, but not for us. My brother and I both understand German, so we were able to learn about different animals living in the animal park: for instance, about the lifestyle of Alpine marmots, ways wolfs are communicating, where do white storks spend winters and many other interesting things.


I believe, zoos and animal parks have a important role in educating people not only about the animals and the environment they live in, but also about the problems of modern world that endangers them. I think, Goldau Nature Park does that part of the job very well.

European Wildcat

The animals kept in Goldau Nature Park looked happy and well kept. The happiest of all, was probably the pig his keepers just let out from the barn. He happily ran around the yard squeaking and weaving his tail. Just like a my mum’s dog when he’s is let out of the house the yard. It was such a sweet scene.

Happy pig and his friend

Animal park is set amongst the forrest and hills of Goldau. The enclosures are well incorporated in the nature and are all designed to offer animals good living conditions.

Boar family

Goldau’s animal park seemed to be very popular with the families. At least the time of our visit, families with children represented majority of visitors. It is not surprising why. Children can observe and interact with animals, most of the discovery stations are adapted for them and last but not least, there are many playgrounds where they can enjoy playing.

One of the playgrounds

There are a wending machines where the visitors can buy food (2 CHF for a box) for wild sheeps, sika deers and follow deers who are roaming freely at large fenced area in the centre of the park. Of course, we had to buy a package and feed the animals. We had so much fun having them eating pellets from our hands. Even when we run out of food, they followed us around the park. They were such a sweet and gentle creatures.

Feeding time!

Visitors can also buy refreshments for themselves. There are a restaurant and cafe, but we didn’t went in. We brought our drinks and chocolate bars with and we rather ate them away from the animals, at one of the numerous picnic areas in the park.


We stopped by the shop, conveniently located by the entrance/exit. The store was full of stuffed animals, t-shirts, souvenirs and other products, mainly for children. We bought a lovely souvenir shopping bag as a gift for our mum who we’re sure would love this park.

White Stork

Though the weather wasn’t the best – it was drizzling for about half of the time we spent at the animal park, we had a great time. It was a day well spent.

Bison family


How to get to Goldau: 

  • By car: At A4 road take the exit Arth or Goldau and follow the signs to Natur- & Tierpark Goldau.
    If using GPS enter the address: Parkstrasse 40, 6410 Goldau
  • By public transport: Take a train to Arth-Goldau train station. When there, just follow the signs and after 400 meters, you’ll reached the entrance of Natur- & Tierpark Goldau.


  • Entrance fee: Adult: 20 CHF & Student: (16-25 years) 16 CHF
  • Box of Animal food: 2 CHF
  • Souvenir bag: 8 CHF
  • Parking fee: 6 CHF

18 thoughts on “Natur- & Tierpark Goldau

    • Urska says:

      It is indeed well maintained. I think almost all animals have enough space to live decent lives in captivity. Wolves and bears, for instance, have huge enclosure stretching on the forested hill. So huge and so much like their natural habitat, we weren’t able to spot wolves in it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Urska says:

      I guess, that’s because it’s standard’s tabby’s distant cousin. 😛 Apart from the size (wildcat is a bit bigger) it looks pretty much like domestic cat.


    • Urska says:

      I support your idea. 🙂 I would love to read about your visit.
      The happy pig was adorable – probably my favourite animal in the park. Along with the cute sika deer who ate from my hand and followed us around the park. 🙂


  1. Clare Thomson says:

    My kids would love visiting this park. The sika deer is adorable. We see lots of them at a park near where we live in the UK. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deborah Regen says:

    I did not know about this zoo in Switzerland, so now I do. Very nice introduction and of course all the animal photos. I’m partial to the European wildcat myself. #FarawayFiles


  3. Hilary says:

    I completely agree with you about the importance of zoos! We love going, and have visited over 25 zoos around the world! This looks like a lovely one, and I’ll definitely keep on my radar! Thank you for sharing on #farawayfiles

    Liked by 1 person

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