In search of the Autumn Sun by the Lake Cresta and Lake Cauma

Autumn in Luzern can be very nice, but when the weather does not cooperate, it can be gloomy. Last Sunday in September my husband and I woke up in a cold misty morning. Pilatus Mountain and the surrounding mountains were covered with thick layer of clouds. The weather forecast wasn’t too promising. We both strived for some sun, so we’ve check the weather forecast in other parts of Switzerland. Canton Graubünden was supposed to have sun and clear skies, so we decided to drive there. Our destination was Flims, a lovely alpine town, on a terrace north of the Rhine valley.

Lake Cauma

We’ve visited Flims previous winter on our ski trip. We liked the ski resort, slopes and the mountains a lot. We’ve learned that Flims has much more to offer, so we promised ourselves to return one day. We did return and explore two of six mountain mountain lakes that can be found in Flims region: the lakes Cauma (Caumasee, rom Lag da Cauma) and Cresta (ger. Crestasee; rom. Lag da Cresta).

Lake Cauma

The weather forecast was correct. After an app. hour and forty minutes drive from Luzern, we left most of the fog and the clouds behind and arrived to the village Trin Mulin. We parked our car at the free parking space and followed the signs for Lake Cresta.

Lake Cresta

Lake Cresta is 375 m long and 180 m wide lake located deep in the forrest at an altitude of 844 m above sea level and is only accessible by foot. In about half an hour of easy walk through pastures and forrest, we arrived to our destination. We liked it immediately. Clear water in a shades of blue-green, surrounded by a green vegetation were amazing. We sat at the pier for a while and enjoyed the autumn sun in this wonderful setting.

Lake Cresta

After some time chilling by the lake Cresta, we left Trin Mulin and drove to Flims-Waldhaus, part of Flims where most of the hotels were built before and after around 1900. Charming area full of historical buildings.


From Flims-Waldhaus, a lovely forrest trail takes you directly to the Lake Cauma, a pearl of Flims. If we were stunned by the beauty of lake Cresta, clear water in shades of turquoise surrounded by the green forrest and a small wooded island of Lake Cauma blew us away.

Lake Cauma

Lake Cauma lies 997 m above sea level and measures 625 m at its widest point.

Lake Cauma

After a having a delicious rösti for lunch at the terrace of a restaurant by the lake, we moved to the banks of the lake where we chilled for a while and observe people on the boats, dogs swimming in the lake. Then we walked around the lake and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Lake Cauma

On our way back up to the Flims-Waldhaus, we used the free furnical railway. It shortened our way up and soon we were by our car. Reacher for new memories, we returned back home.

Flims Dorf

  • Access to the lakes: free*
    *be aware that in the summer time they charge admission fee to access the swimming area (3 CHF to 9,5 CHF)
  • Parking fee:
    Trin Mulin: free
    Flims-Waldhaus: 2 CHF/hour

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22 thoughts on “In search of the Autumn Sun by the Lake Cresta and Lake Cauma

    • Urska says:

      I have never been to Lake Tahoe, but I’ve heard it is a stunning place. I would love to visit. 🙂 Flims area is a beautiful, so it’s not hard to make photos there. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. rosemaylily2014 says:

    My sort of place – the lakes look so beautiful and clear! We have had that experience before staying in Lucerne. We once took the train down to Andermatt and across to Chur and back to Luzern as the weather was grey and rainy in Luzern but it was lovely further south 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Urska says:

      Thank you! I’ve only recently started to explore Graubünden and I am very pleased with what it has to offer. We’re planning to go back to this area in spring to explore the Rhine Canyon. 🙂


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