Cycling trip to Stansstad

My brother visited us few weeks ago. It was already his sixth time in Switzerland, so we took him to the places he has not yet visited. On the second day of his visit we’ve took advantage of the sunny summer weather and went on the cycling trip to Stansstad, a small village in canton Nidwalden.

Lake Lucerne in Stansstad

We followed the national cycling route number 9, a 497 km long route between Montreux and Rorschah. The route is also known as the “the Lakes route” as it passes 10 larger and smaller lakes, including Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), Bodensee, and Lake Lucerne (Vierwalstättersee). We cycled just the tiny section from Luzern to Stansstad.

Map source: Google Maps

The route is really awesome. It is not only well marked, but is also scenic as it offers stunning views over water in the Alps and Alpine foothills. Some of the parts of the section we took, runs right by the Lake Luzern and views from there are amazing.

A view from the cycling route between Hergiswil and Stansstad

On our way to Stansstad we did a short detour and stopped at a quiet village Winkel for a quick jump to refreshing water of Lake Luzern. We’ve cooled ourselves down and continued our journey towards Stanssand.

Lake Lucerne in Winkel

Stansstad is small and quiet village. When we’ve reached it, we’ve tried to find a place to swim. We found it at the small park where we took another dip in the Lake Lucerne. After refreshing swim and rest in the shade, it was soon time to return back to Luzern. We’ve followed the same cycling route back to our home.

Lake Lucerne in Hergiswil


7 thoughts on “Cycling trip to Stansstad

    • Urska says:

      There are few hills at this part of the route, but mostly is a flat. It is not very demanding. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape while riding the bike. 🙂


    • Urska says:

      Thanks for making #MondayEscapes possible! 🙂
      I agree cycling is sometimes the best way to explore the area. Cycling the scenic places during the warm months of the year is just perfect. 🙂


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