Tour de Suisse 2015

Yesterday my boyfriend and I attended the opening stage of Tour de Suisse – a road cycling race held annually in June in Switzerland. The first stage of this year’s  race was organised in Rotkreuz-Risch, tiny village in Central Switzerland.

Although I’m not fan of cycling competitions, I’m happy to experience this sports event. I was able to see some of the world’s best cyclists in person and admire their speed and strength. Also, I’ve enjoyed the sunny weather, lively atmosphere of the race, interesting events accompanying the race and a good company of friends.

Here are some impressions from yesterday:

Pre-race warm-up

Dancers entertaining the public before the race

Start list

Following the race on big screen

The winner of 1st stage: Tom Dumoulin

The 2nd: Fabian Cancellara (also the best Swiss)

6 thoughts on “Tour de Suisse 2015

  1. rosemaylily2014 says:

    I’m sure I’ve been through a place called Rotkreuz in Switzerland – it was on a train going to Lucerne maybe the same place? The pictures are great and the weather looks lovely! 🙂


    • Urska says:

      Thank you Rosemary! 🙂 You’re right! Rotkreuz is one of the stations when traveling from Zürich to Luzern (or in the oposite direction). 🙂


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