Saturday afternoon at Pohorje

Yesterday, my mum, my brother, and I spent some quality time together and went for a walk to Pohorje, a hill above my home-town Maribor.

A view over Maribor

Pohorje is better known as a winter ski resort, but there are plenty of things to to in other seasons. In the spring, summer and autumn is a popular destination for walking, hiking and mountain biking. Yesterday, we took an easy walking/hiking trail from lower cable car station to Trikotna jasa. We could continue our hike to the top, but we had enough walking, so we rather sit in the grass and enjoy the lovely views over Maribor.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 19.33.18

Map of our trail (source: Google Maps)

The easy ascent to Trikotna jasa took us about 30 minutes, descent a bit less. The trail wasn’t marked as are marked similar trails in Switzerland, but we have no problems finding it. After all, it wasn’t our first time to walk this trail.

Doggies joined us on our walk

Ski slopes during the winter, hiking trails during the spring, summer and autumn

After our walk, we’ve stopped at the Pohorska kavarna where we’ve treated ourselves with their delicious cakes.

Delicious cake from Pohorska kavarna


10 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon at Pohorje

    • Urska says:

      The cake was indeed delicious. 🙂 Pohorska kavarna has in my opinion the best cakes in Maribor and is so conveniently located on the way to from Pohorje to my parents’ home we simply had to stop there after the walk. 🙂

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