Easter in Slovenia

My boyfriend and I had great plans how to spend our Easter trip to Slovenia, but instead of sightseeing the lovely places in our home-country, we ended up just hanging out with our families, painting Easter eggs and eating lots Easter dishes.

Potica & Easter Eggs

Traditionally in Slovenia, on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, baskets (representing Jesus’ grave) filled with the traditional Easter food and covered covered with embroidered cloths (representing the cloth Jesus was wrapped into) are brought to church to be blessed. Dishes (“žegen”) put in the basket symbolise different things from the Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. For instance, smoked ham (“šunka”) and bread represent the body of the Christ, Easter eggs (“pisanke”, “pirhi”) his blood and tears, potica (nut roll cake) his crown of thorns, and horseradish the nails with which he was crucified.


To me and my family Easter is not religious holiday, but rather a family holiday – a time when the whole family gathers and spent some quality time together. As usual, we didn’t follow the traditions to the detail. We didn’t go to the church, but we did treat ourself with traditional Easter dishes. I’m not the huge fan Easter diet, but I love potica, a traditional Slovene festive dish. There are at least fifty recognised varieties, differing by the filling. My favourite is definitely the one filled with walnuts. If ever in Slovenia, do try this pastry! It’s delicious!

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